EPE’14-ECCE Europe, 26.-28.8.2014

An adult flying a kite on a darkly cloudy day – symbolizing the largest European conference in power electronics… Many people have wondered about the message behind our conference banner. It is a story of science.

Once upon a time Benjamin Franklin was flying a silk kite during a thunderstorm. The story tells that Franklin was conducting a science experiment to prove that thunderclouds contained electricity. And it goes on to say that Franklin knew that getting struck by lightning would kill him. Every banner tells a story. The EPE’14-ECCE banner tells about a commitment to science and a passion in proving the way things are working. It tells about us.

We are proud to be the host of the 16th Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE’14-ECCE Europe. And we are delighted to invite you to take part in it.

The EPE’14-ECCE event provides an unparalleled programme of over 40 working sessions, high profile keynotes and plenary presentations, and live debate. It attracts in excess of 600 delegates from the full range of professions, expertise and business within power electronics. Alongside the Conference we run an extensive exhibition featuring suppliers and manufacturers whose business, products and services meet the needs of our delegates.

The conference aims to inspire excellence in power electronics through personal and professional development. The Exhibition will help the delegate to achieve this by providing opportunities to enhance knowledge and understanding of what is new in the field, to explore new ideas, products and services in the field, to learn about new technologies, tools, techniques that enable to develop new skills and unlock potential for professional growth and new perspectives into work and career development, and – last but not least – to widen professional networks.

Our aim at the EPE’14-ECCE event is to create a different experience. We dedicate our time to ensure our delegates will by impressed by the magnificent atmosphere of a quality event and by the beautiful surroundings of the conference venue, Lappeenranta and its university, a place that will showcase the future of power electronics.

The conference programme will keep you on track by day. The technical programme will give you the opportunity to explore the industrial environment of Lappeenranta. A pre-conference programme invites you to join us at the event after first having experienced the bright nights of Lapland. And of course, once in Lappeenranta, St. Petersburg next door is a must-visit. A tour to Russia’s second largest city is made possible for you in a post-conference programme. In St. Petersburg, an attempt to replicate Franklin’s experiment killed Professor Georg Wilhelm Richmann, and Priestley quoted this in 1767: “It is not given to every electrician to die in so glorious a manner as the justly envied Richmann”.

We are looking forward to welcoming you. In the meanwhile, see how Green Campus will inspire you to take a peaceful and save walk in the most beautiful Campus City of the North.

EPE’14 ECCE – guarantees the highest flying experience.

The EPE’14-ECCE Europe Conference Chairs

Juha Pyrhönen
, General Chair
Jarmo Partanen, Jero Ahola and Braham Ferreira, Co-Chairs